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Bettering Your Design Portfolio by Showing Your Worth: A Woman's Perspective

Your portfolio is usually the first thing other professionals learn about you … and you control everything about it. But that brings up a major problem … there are endless possibilities! How will you narrow down what to include or what part of yourself to present!? Let’s talk more about what portfolios actually do, and how you can show your audience what you’re really worth.

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YouTube & Mainstream Media

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Who are these strange kids creating weird videos on YouTube about drunk kitchens, whisper challenges, and video games on the internet? Why are they so relevant? And more importantly … why you SHOULD be paying very close attention to them.

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How to Design “Fun" Into the Workflow of Your Professional Life

Why can’t work be fun too? Even fields that seem fun by nature, like design, can become more about appeasing the boss and the deadline rather than balanced, emotional health. It becomes more of a business than an art form. It technically is a business, sure, but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Boredom is the #1 killer of a creative spirit. So how can you prevent this mental sink-hole? 

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