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Jesse Thoman
Jesse Thoman


Jesse Thoman: a charismatic story-teller and visual / interactive designer.


LA-based, Oregon-raised creator. A digital designer who puts a wrench in routine and wreaks havoc on normalcy. From interactive design and responsive websites to social content creation, and novel writing. Design, motion, illustration, and video editing are all tools in my utility belt.

I’m Jesse.

Whatever life has in store, I want to take it by storm and dance like no one’s watching. Whether that be writing my book, or designing something new every day. I am someone unafraid of change. Unafraid of a challenge. Let’s create things that blur the line between magic and reality. And if you want to get real? I am also a quiz enthusiast. Why, YES I’d like to know what kind of potato I am!  

Think you can keep up?

If you can … feel free to contact me at Let’s chat. 

“You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here, there be monsters…” –Captain Barbossa