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Jesse Thoman
Jesse Thoman


What started as a Father's Day gift turned into a freelance project for Rhino Precision, LLC. They allowed my Dad to use it as his personal logo however, and the result is pretty incredible. Check out the photo of the plaque he's going to attach to the inner workings of his jeep!


Original ideas / Sole Creator


Rhino Precision LLC  /  Personal logo for Ron Thoman

Logo machined on wheels, & a plaque on the transmission–  1980 CJ-5 JEEP

Originally a Father's Day gift, this logo was also sold to a machining company in Texas called "Rhino Precision LLC". My Dad, an experimental machinist & engineer, is allowed to use it as his personal logo however. Growing up, he was called "Rhino". It wasn't a difficult jump to decide that his logo would have something to do with the same animal. It would have to be strong, bad-ass, and able to be worn embroidered on a hat or some other swag.



Ziv the Green Banana

Title Sequence + Logo Design

A thesis film for Max Lopez, co-founder of Apartment D Films. Max entrusted me with the look and feel of his film's brand. His goal was "Hey Arnold" meets "minimalist Avengers" style, to go along with his 90's inspired stop-motion animation.